Mirror Real Android Device to PC by using Mobizen

Mobizen is a fast and free app to mirror your real android devices to PC or any web browsers. This guide will show you how to setup this on PC (Windows).

Download and Setup Mobizen App on your phone

Searchmobizenin Play Store. There are two versions of Mobize on Google Store:Mobizen for SamsungandMobizen-Your Android Anywhere. Download Samsung one if you are using Samsung’s phone, download the other if you are using any device other than Samsung.
Start App after login. ClickStartat app’s home screen.
Selete your email address as account, and then set up a password for it. Your password need to contian both characters and numbers. You will need this email account and password to connect.
You should see below screen if everthing goes well:
Now let’t put phone aside, and working on PC side.

Setup Mobizen client on PC

First we need to download Mobizen PC client from their website, address is:
Install the client and open it. After a few tutorial, you should see the login screen. Input your Email Address and password you used to register on phone.

Connect and Show

Mobizen allows mirron through either network (Wifi, LTE or 3G) or by USB. We highly recommend using USB if possible since it provides more smooth experiences. Though network connection also works very well.
Connect your phone to PC using USB. (You should have USB debugging enabled in your phone’s settings). Then open the Mobizen app. Now just click Connect button on PC.
You should be promote a 6 digits security code on your PC side, like this:
Now go back to your phone, click2-Step Verificationbutton at bottom of the screen, then input the number promoted by PC client. Then click Connect on your phone.
Your phone may promote a messege indicate the connection is estiblished now and ask your premission to start. ClickStart now
If everything went well, you should see your phone’s screen on PC now! (Remember do some operations after connect since the first screen you saw will be the Mobizen’s screen)